Ski Fashion 2012 – The latest Ski Trends 2012

The slopes for season 2011/12 are sure going to be filled with some fashion forward sights if what we’ve seen so far for ski trends 2012 is on the money!


The most eye catching and er unusual item we’ve come across so far is the “Skibeard”! Yes, you heard us correctly… the Skibeard is a fake fur neck gaitor which makes all wearers appear to be have full on beards!

First brought as a fun novelty gift, they are fast becoming known as the latest accessory to keep you nice and cosy on the slopes for season 2011/12.

Set up by Texan entrepreneur, , the beardski have gained lots of attention in the states with the likes of Ellen featuring them on her show, and are set to make the same stir when they start to hit the slopes of Europe. The Beardski come in an array of colours and furs guaranteed to match the very latest ski fashion in 2012.

Check out the Beardski website here –

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