Snow Cats – a very decent proposal

Did you know that the owners of Independent Mountain - Jamie and Olivia Siegl also offer a bespoke marriage proposal setting service, right here in the Alps.

There is no Romantic Gesture too great that they cannot organise for you.

I think my favourite proposal that they have organised so far was for a lovely young couple whilst on a Ski Holiday in the Three Valleys.    This involved setting up a surprise Romantic proposal spot, complete with flowers and champagne, on top of a stunning snow capped mountain peak where  the young man could ask for his young ladies hand in Marriage.

Sadly, the couple’s 2 beloved pets could not come on  this particular  romantic ski break with them and share the most magical moment when she said “i do!”  so Jamie and Olivia were asked if they could recreate 2 animals to represent their absent friends… et Voila.   2 very EPIC Snow Cats were born….

What a talented pair they are (Jamie and Olivia i mean. Cannot comment on the Snow Cats as they have since melted into Snow Cat heaven..)


Montreux Jazz Festival 2009

Held on the eastern shore of beautiful Lake Geneva, the Montreux Jazz Festival attracts around 200,000 people each year. Specialising in jazz, blues, rock and pop, the festival provides groove busting beats that make you want to move your body or just listen in musical awe. The Montreux Jazz Festival has hosted the likes of Stan Getz, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Mingus and Dexter Gordon since its inception in 1967 and this year’s festival will see the likes of rock legend Lenny Kravitz and R’nB queen Alicia Keys. Head to the fringe ‘Off Festival’ for free open-air concerts, providing a platform for up-and-coming artists.

Deep Purple made Montreux famous with their song “Smoke on the Water”, which tells the events of 1971, when a Frank Zappa fan with a flare gun set the Montreux Casino on fire.

We all came out to Montreux on the Lake Geneva shoreline / To make records with a mobile – We didn’t have -much time / Frank Zappa & the Mothers were at the best place around / But some stupid with a flare gun burned the -place to the ground / Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

Venue: Various. Montreux is 56 miles (90 km) from Geneva
Date: July 2009 TBA

For a Summer alpine holiday after, why not go to Verbier – 1 hour away or Chatel 45min from Montreux and only 1h30min from Geneva!

For accommodation in Verbier click here

For accommodation in Chatel click here

Tour de France in Verbier!!!

Running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2009, the 96th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,500 kilometres.

These 21 stages have the following profiles:

  • 10 flat stages,
  • 7 mountain stages,
  • 1 medium mountain stage,
  • 2 individual time-trial stages,
  • 1 team time-trial stage.


Distinctive aspects of the race

  • 3 mountain finishes,
  • 2 rest days,
  • 55 kilometres of individual time-trials,
  • 20 Category 1, Category 2 and highest level passes will be climbed.


8 new stop-over towns

Brignoles, Gérone (Espagne), Issoudun, Martigny (Suisse), Saint-Fargeau, Tonnerre, vatan, Verbier (Suisse).






15 High Mountains Sunday 19 July PontarlierVerbier Pontarlier > Verbier 207 km
R Rest Day Monday 20 July Verbier Verbier  
16 High Mountains Tuesday 21 July MartignyBourg-Saint-Maurice Martigny > Bourg-Saint-Maurice 160 km

To find out more about the Tour de France, Click Here

For accommodation in Verbier Click Here or email your requirements at

Top Ten Tips to Combat the Credit Crunch On Your Ski Holiday!!

Now we know as with the Law commonly known as “sods”, the annulment of one excuse for not booking your annual ski trip (lack of snow) results in the emergence of another (lack of funds). Therefore, here at we are ensuring you are fully prepared to win the battle and the war against the enemy that is trying to conquer your annual ski trip – The enemy commonly known worldwide as General Credit Crunch!

The first rule of any battle is to remain consistent with your attack and to always keep the cause you are fighting for at the forefront of your mind. Therefore, we have put together the Independent Mountain battle plan, listing the top ten credit crunch busting tips to ensure your annual ski trip doesn’t fall victim and become yet another statistic!

Top Ten Tips on How to Still have a Ski trip during the Credit Crunch!

1. Self-catering: Home made cooking means big savings! More chopping in the kitchen means more pennies to spend chopping powder on the mountain!

2. Early Bird: The term “The early bird catches the worm” is no truer than when dealing with budget airlines. It’s simple…..the earlier you book the greater savings you will make. Therefore, as soon as you know your dates get your flight booked and the pennies you’ve saved banked!

3. Book Smart:
Great deals can be found with holidays booked in either early or late season, with ski passes also being cheaper. Couple this with avoiding school holidays and you’re onto a winner!

4. The Friend Law: You’ve know each other for years, they’ve got kit, it’s the law that they let you borrow it! Great savings can be made and friendships reaffirmed by loaning kit rather than renting.

5. Picnic en Piste: Alfresco dining at its best! Picnic lunch on the piste is a great way to enjoy the views during lunch without paying the price!

6. Group Transfer: “We want to be together” Well you do when booking an airport transfer!! Get your whole group on a single transfer instead of individually splitting to help save pennies

7. Exchange rate: Keep an eye on exchange rates and change your money when it’s looking good

8. Special offers: The CC is affecting all, therefore, shop around for the best offers. However, be sure to research the properties well, as cheap doesn’t always deliver good quality!!

9. In House Bar: Avoid extortionate drink prices in local bars by enjoying the local wine with friends in the comfort of your catered chalet

10. First Timers: First time holiday, first time skiing? Make your holiday fit your needs and level of experience. There’s no need to splash the cash on a high altitude, high expense resort as you won’t get the benefit of the ski area. Instead, why not try somewhere like Bulgaria which will be at least half-price!

Right, you now have all the ammunition you need to ward off the dangers and unforeseen pitfalls awaiting your annual getaway to the slopes, all you need to do now is strike the winning blow – come pay us a visit, make a booking and claim victory at

Ditch the Desk & Hit the Slopes!

3pm in the office:

It’s exactly 120 mins and 30 secs until your body can be unleashed to catch up with your wandering mind and officially leave the building! For the poor souls, or what us 9-5ers prefer to term “crazy fools”, amongst us working until the unsightly hour of 6pm, sadly, you have slightly more time and boredom to kill.

Fear not, as thanks to the antidote to the biggest killer of office staff of the 21st Century is at your fingertips….Afterall, lets face it, any more of this mindless boredom and the whole workforce is at risk as you are either a) Going to throw yourself out of the nearest tenth storey window or b) Track down your annoying work colleague, the one that sits opposite you (eating with their mouth open whilst you try to unsuccessfully control your gag reflex), beat them senseless with your stapler and pass their remains through the shredder!

We agree, both are attractive alternatives to watching the final minutes and indeed seconds of the stifling work afternoon pass by like OAPs wading through tar, however, back away from the window and indeed your poor unsuspecting colleague, as this is not your only option!

Here at we have a slightly more fun and lets face it less painful and less illegal way to cure the evil that is the hell of the Mid week lull – where seconds feel like weeks and life on the outside and indeed in the great outdoors seems like an unreachable fete!

So, for all our comrades out there on the dark side, who instead of being stuck off piste in waist high powder are instead stuck at their desk waist high in corporate bull!**!, this is for you! A little something to cheer your weary soul and restore your faith in the fact that there is life outside the office……a life that involves fresh air, fresh powder and fresh adventures!!!

Great news – you probably now only have approximately 119 mins and 30 secs of hell left (rough calculation of how long it takes an extremely bored person to be distracted from aforementioned boredom). Therefore, come pay us a visit and see where you could be in less than a week’s time! Hell, you could be in any of the fantastic destinations listed as quick as it takes you to say “sabbatical”.

Go on be a devil, tell your boss to piste off and give us a click!

A bit about us:

Independent Mountain has been distracting the workforce for over 10 years with our reliable and friendly service and over a 1000 great ski properties across Europe. Our fun approach to business and life has resulted in us being the spearheads for the “Ditch the Desk” revolution, ensuring 20 weeks a year are spent away from the office and instead up the mountain, leaving thousands of desks redundant throughout the world!
For more information on how to ditch your desk please visit or
drop us a line at Alternatively, speak to us direct on 00 33 (0) 450 748379.

Chatel Mountain Style Contest

On a track created espacially for the event, of 300 m long ,160 m of difference in level, 100 m wide and completaly reshaped by the Châtel‘s BikesPatrols and RadicalFilms (Kranked)Riders. 

Professional and amateur Riders vwill have to prove their multivalency in their way of “droping and riding”.
It’s not enough to do some backflips or 3.60, it’s also a matter of choosing the good line wiht fluidity, envolvement and control.
Riders will be judged by a jury of three people with “Ben Walker/Team Scott” as president.

The motivated and passioned partners are involved at 100 % to get a maximum of professional riders and to shape a terrific site with the help to the “Kranked 8″ Riders!!!
22 pro riders coming from all over the world are already registred to enter the event, as :
Timo Pritzel (Ger) , Lance McDermott (Uk) , Christopher Hatton(Fra) , Kyle Norbraten (Can) , Kyle Jameson (USA) , Kyle Ebbeth(USA) , Damien Huszsc (Fra) , Dylan Dunkerton ( Can ) , Curtis Robinson (Can) ,Etienne Perron (Fra) , Niki Leitner (Aus) , Julien Fournier (Sui) , Yoann Paccard (Fra) , Damjan Siriski (Cze) , Phil Meier (Sui), Richard Gasperotti (Cze), Robin Chauvin (Fra),Steve Romanuik (Can), Pierre Edouard Ferry (Fra), Antoine Dubourgnon (Fra), Thibault Vasselet (Fra), Jeremy Brulet (Fra) 

Friday 4th July  
Run inspection for pro & am
Aperitif and hip-hop concert on the church square with TH City.
Saturday 5th July  
Run inspection for pro & am
Qualifications in 2 runs for professional and amateur riders.
Dirt Contest
Partner’s special evening.
Sunday 6th July  
Run inspection.
1st final for pro & am
€ 6000 Prize money and lot of partners’ prize to share !
For more information
For accommodation in Chatel click here

Passportes du Soleil VTT

The “Passportes du Soleil VTT” is first of all a convivial ‘rendez-vous’ for mountainbikers who want to ride for fun! It’s a moutain bike excursion based on the descovering of a territory landing over two countries. The lifts making this mountain circuit accessible.

Remember that the Passportes is :

- 3 circuits of 35, 50 and 75 km
- 7 resorts with simultaneous starts in France and Switzerland
- 13 ski-lifts
- 6000 metres of total vertical descent
- Different routes for cycling uphill on bikes for the more courageous,
- Optional downhill race tracks …

The extras for 2008:

Special rates for girls !
A special price for girls’ entries: € 30 instead of €35.
The Kids Passportes!
Professional teachers will guide children aged 9 to 14 years old (by group of age and level) on a circuit espacially made for them.
To find all information, to get details about the event and see a video to present it, please visit the website : .


Bookings are open from February 2008 the 10th on

2008 Prices :

€ 35
€30 for girls
€15 for kids (including accompaniment by professional, snack, and a Portes du Soleil present).
Your entry includes:

access to the lift,
a number plate,
local produce refreshments,
a logbook,
a voucher for a day’s lift-pass in the Portes du Soleil,
and as always a special Passportes surprise present !
During three days Champery in Switzerland will host the VTT Fair.

Numerous stands where professional will be there at your disposal and numerous entertainment for all, a concert… a whole program !

Also other resorts of the Portes du Soleil hosting the competition will have a special entertainment program during the weekend.


For accommodation in Chatel click here

Message From The Owner

We’ve had a busy year at Independent Mountain, and it’s thanks to all of you visiting the website and coming on holiday with us that we can continue to keep growing and providing the high level of service that we pride ourselves on!! We aim to continue our growth of all of our current resorts, and over the course of the year bring even more resorts for you to choose from!!

With the winter season now coming to an end, we’re now looking forward to a summer of sport and recreation in the mountains. If you’re into mountain biking, whitewater rafting, paragliding, hiking, golf or any number of the sports that the mountains have to offer, then make sure to keep an eye on to find out more news on accommodation and services available in the Alps.

We would once again like to thank you all for your support this year, and look forward to helping you organize your holidays in the future!!

All the best

James Siegl

Coming Soon – Independent Summer

After a great couple of years building up a detailed list of properties and information on our mountain resorts, we are about to launch our summer operation – Independent Summer. We will be starting by offering beach properties on the east coast of Australia, and will then be looking at covering the south coast of France so that we will have a year round summer industry for you to choose from.

We’ll keep you posted with everything that goes on, and if you have any particular areas of the world that you would like us to start looking into, then just email me directly on and i’ll be happy to look into what we can add onto the website.