IXS Swiss Downhill Cup 2009 #3

verbier-bike-track3rd leg of the Swiss Downhill Cup
August 28-29-30 2009

Last chance for the riders to score some points before the final of the Cup in Bellwald.

It will be also the opportunity to discover once again this pist and try to beat the time of the best riders of the European Cup.

More than 250 riders are expected.

During this period of holidays, the public will also be present to support the best swiss riders.

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Big White & Street Downhill

The Big White will be help Saturday and Sunday morning in 2 runs, maximum 100 riders Saturday morning, the first half will be qualified for Sunday morning’s finale. No worries the last 50 who didn’t qualified on Saturday will still be able to go up on Sunday morning and ride down just for Big White in Verbierpleasure, they’ll leave 5 minutes later and their time won’t be counted… Same start as last year from Les Attelas (2700m) but double the length arriving on the central square (1500m) for a total of 1200m altitude drop ! On snow of course but also dirt and cement on the final stretch. The route and the first half are the same as last year, and for the second half we’ll pass trough Les Combles, then Clambins, and take it home down Médran street.

That’s not all, during the 2 days we are building a Dual X track in Médran street, a course with wooden jumps, banked turns, jump over a car, rise over the terrasse of the Farinet, and a huge BigAir at the finish line ! Basically it’s gonna kick A**. 50 riders, face to face, no predetermine order, who ride against whoever you want, whenever you want (Jam Session style). Each run will be timed and the 20 fastest will be invited back for the finals on Sunday.

The evening will showcase a demo and a freestyle contest, DJs and speaker the whole week-end.

Prize Money : like last year, we are all here to enjoy biking, so little prize money but enough so that the winner can buy everyone around…

The Big White : Dual X : ContestFreestyle :

Winner : 1000 Chf Winner: 1000 Chf Winner : 500 Chf

2nd : 600 Chf 2nd : 600 Chf

3rd : 400 Chf 3rd : 400 Chf



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Tour de France in Verbier!!!

Running from Saturday July 4th to Sunday July 26th 2009, the 96th Tour de France will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,500 kilometres.

These 21 stages have the following profiles:

  • 10 flat stages,
  • 7 mountain stages,
  • 1 medium mountain stage,
  • 2 individual time-trial stages,
  • 1 team time-trial stage.


Distinctive aspects of the race

  • 3 mountain finishes,
  • 2 rest days,
  • 55 kilometres of individual time-trials,
  • 20 Category 1, Category 2 and highest level passes will be climbed.


8 new stop-over towns

Brignoles, Gérone (Espagne), Issoudun, Martigny (Suisse), Saint-Fargeau, Tonnerre, vatan, Verbier (Suisse).






15 High Mountains Sunday 19 July PontarlierVerbier Pontarlier > Verbier 207 km
R Rest Day Monday 20 July Verbier Verbier  
16 High Mountains Tuesday 21 July MartignyBourg-Saint-Maurice Martigny > Bourg-Saint-Maurice 160 km

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Salon International 4×4, SUV, Quads…

Exhibition and trials of off-road and mountain leisure vehicles
Val d’Isère reinvents the 4-wheel drive and off-road motor show created in 1984.

A new name, new organisation and a new concept are all planned for one of the main events of the alpine summer season.

Car manufacturers and retailers will be housed in a 9000sq m village on the wide plain of La Daille. The latest models will be displayed and numerous innovations presented.

Two test areas: one near the village for SUV vehicles and one at the top of Bellevarde for off-road vehicles.

Famous names, plenty of entertainment for the public and exhibitors alike, debates, exchange of ideas on “green” innovation, sustainable mobility, reduction of carbon dioxide, clean energy….. all this and more during the International Show.

Friday 8th – 17 August 2008

9:30am to 7pm


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Chatel Mountain Style Contest

On a track created espacially for the event, of 300 m long ,160 m of difference in level, 100 m wide and completaly reshaped by the Châtel‘s BikesPatrols and RadicalFilms (Kranked)Riders. 

Professional and amateur Riders vwill have to prove their multivalency in their way of “droping and riding”.
It’s not enough to do some backflips or 3.60, it’s also a matter of choosing the good line wiht fluidity, envolvement and control.
Riders will be judged by a jury of three people with “Ben Walker/Team Scott” as president.

The motivated and passioned partners are involved at 100 % to get a maximum of professional riders and to shape a terrific site with the help to the “Kranked 8″ Riders!!!
22 pro riders coming from all over the world are already registred to enter the event, as :
Timo Pritzel (Ger) , Lance McDermott (Uk) , Christopher Hatton(Fra) , Kyle Norbraten (Can) , Kyle Jameson (USA) , Kyle Ebbeth(USA) , Damien Huszsc (Fra) , Dylan Dunkerton ( Can ) , Curtis Robinson (Can) ,Etienne Perron (Fra) , Niki Leitner (Aus) , Julien Fournier (Sui) , Yoann Paccard (Fra) , Damjan Siriski (Cze) , Phil Meier (Sui), Richard Gasperotti (Cze), Robin Chauvin (Fra),Steve Romanuik (Can), Pierre Edouard Ferry (Fra), Antoine Dubourgnon (Fra), Thibault Vasselet (Fra), Jeremy Brulet (Fra) 

Friday 4th July  
Run inspection for pro & am
Aperitif and hip-hop concert on the church square with TH City.
Saturday 5th July  
Run inspection for pro & am
Qualifications in 2 runs for professional and amateur riders.
Dirt Contest
Partner’s special evening.
Sunday 6th July  
Run inspection.
1st final for pro & am
€ 6000 Prize money and lot of partners’ prize to share !
For more information www.mountainbikeparkchatel.com
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Grands Concours Hippique

Europe’s best horse riders compete in this prestigious equestrian event which takes place in the Perrin parking lot by the Sports Center. The infrastructure, which includes an impressive arena, is built to a world class standard attracting both amateur and expert riders.



11 th Official Horseriding competition, Verbier

 2nd – 10th August 2008

The 10th anniversary will remain in our memories as a great success: more than 2 200 parking nearly 30 000 spectators during the 9 days of the event. The spectacular event Masters offered by Anouk and Mike Hornung in honor of the past 10 years of this event was a great moment filled with emotion and suspense.
Verbier and the Val de Bagnes are pleased to be able to once again available to riders across Europe as part of this magnificent plateau sunny with a massive Combins background. The particularity of the contribution from Verbier also lies in the atmosphere resulting from the meeting of the equestrian world and a cosmopolitan clientele. The audience, composed as many specialists as novices, also contributes to creating this atmosphere like no other, where it is found in the village of animation located just above the paddock. It should be noted that this year the entrance to our event is free.
The Horseracing Official Competition is very good in the event of Verbier policy which aims to promote the station by demonstrations of quality.
This year 2 events are scheduled, including two spectacular events of six bars and power. The elite Swiss ponies will be present in the paddock of Verbier with a Grand Prix PV qualifier for the championship Switzerland Pony Tuesday, August 12. In the grand finale will take place Grand Prize category IIC qualifier for the championship Switzerland Elite Sunday, August 17.
Saturday, August 9, a demonstration of fighting queens of the race Hérens be the attraction of the day. And you can attend Sunday, August 17 to a spectacular presentation of dog agility.
And that’s not all!
The Jumping Verbier Golf Cup will be organised for the partners of the competition and their guests Saturday, August 16, 2008.
To secure funding for this competition, the organizing committee is counting on its partners and sponsors. This case presents the different possibilities of support. We hope that one of them will seduce you and we welcome you among the artisans of the success of the Concours Hippique Official Verbier, a contest extraordinary.
Saturday, August 4, a presentation of dog agility will be offered and Sunday, August 5, a demonstration of fighting queens of the race Hérens be the attraction of the day.
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