Morzine Chalet For Sale

One of our Morzine chalets has just come up for sale so please do drop a note back if you are looking for a Morzine property to buy.


Here is the property:

In brief:

Main Chalet has 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, library and very large open plan kitchen, dining, tv and fireplace area. Lovely garden and fantastic views over Morzine. On the ground floor is a self-contained apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 shower room, separate toilet and kitchen/living dining area. Chalet has a garage and additional parking.

If you are interested on receiving further information then please do get in touch on

Final Day complete – Dieppe to Reigate

We left Morzine 8 days ago, and after what seems like a very long time in the saddle, we have made it to Reigate and the route is complete!! A great last day started at 4am riding onto the ferry in Dieppe and we were met in Newhaven by Dan who rode and planned us a route all the way back to his bike shop Mondo Velo in Reigate! We cycled over the South Downs, and then made our way on the back roads to finally get into Reigate at midday!! Nearly 900km done and a fantastic adventure – a great way to see France that’s for sure, but definitely time to rest up the legs, spend time with my girls and put the bike away for a bit!! Who knows what the adventure will be next year but if it comes anywhere close to matching this one then it’s going to be another great one that’s for sure!!










Day 7 complete – Rouen to Dieppe

After 7 days of riding we have run out of land in France and made it to Dieppe!! An epic adventure so far and now just the final leg to Reigate tomorrow – sore legs and in need of a good rest but has been worth every peddle of the way!! 5.30am ferry to Newhaven in the morning so best get some rest before heading out the door – both of us very much looking forward to being reunited with the wives and kids – happy days!!







Day 5 complete – Joigny to Pithiviers

Another 110km out the way today and it has been great riding. Went to the boulangerie early doors and we were riding by 8am to try and get to Pithiviers as early as possible so that we can get our legs rested for the big day tomorrow. This part of France is completely new to us both so didn’t really know what to expect, but it has been beautiful – lots of shallow rolling hills and endless farmland…………didn’t even see a car for the first couple of hours!! Our route got slightly interesting in the morning when we ended up on an off road farm track, but the bikes took everything we threw at them and managed to ride the couple of km’s over it to get back on the road without too much trouble!! Bastille day today and suddenly realised that most places would probably be shut, but managed to luck in on a great lunch just before Pithiviers – not convinced we’ll be getting any dinner tonight however as looks pretty closed up here for the night!! 2 more days and we’ll be in Dieppe – been a great adventure so far and looking forward to the ride into Normandy tomorrow!! About 370km to go now…………getting closer!!









Day 4 complete – St Agnan to Joigny

Today has been an unbelievable day – cycled out of the Morven national park and although still quite a few hills it has been nothing like the past few days and we have eaten up the distance. Stopped on a little bridge after a couple of hours riding and saw a really nice path running up the side of the canal – turned out to be the canal running all the way up to Auxerre and a lovely smooth tarmac cycle path running all the way along. Jumped straight off the road and away from all cars and rode the most amazing 30km through burgundy all the way to a great lunch stop in Auxerre. Another 30km after lunch and we’ve made it to Joigny – if every day could be like today then that would be great. Got a relatively short day tomorrow at just over 100km and then that leaves us a nice 275km to do over 2 days to get to Dieppe – apparently Pithiviers does some pretty good cake so I think we’ll be stocking up on that nicely to keep us going!! About halfway to Reigate now – bring on the next half!!


















Day 3 complete – Beaune to St Agnan

A great day of riding today. Left Beaune straight into a 13km climb over the Haute Cotes de Beaune and the roads have been amazing – very little traffic and just amazing scenery all the way. Cycled into the Morven national park and stopped in Saulieu for a bite, then stormed the last 12km up to Lac St Agnan and straight for a nice dip in the lake!! Weather now looking good all the way till the end though the sun does take it out of you on long days – still, better than the rain that’s for sure but the t-shirt tan is going to look pretty ridiculous for the rest of the summer!!
Have decided we want to push on to finish a day early so we’re going to have to put in some big days now to make up the miles – fingers crossed for some flat countryside and smooth roads!!











Day 2 complete – Lavans les St Claude to Beaune

Been a pretty hard day today – after riding out of the Jura mountains it should have been a good day on paper, but we got hit with a massive head wind for the last 80km which drained our energy pretty hard at the end of the day!! Another 130km down and the added bonus of some nice burgundy wine and food to fill the tanks!!
Pretty tired tonight but looking forward to getting into the Morven national park tomorrow – going to be some good hills through the vineyards but should be rewarded with a lake swim at the end if we get there in time – best peddle faster I guess!!

Signing off to pass out – zzzzzzzzzzz










Day 1 complete – Morzine to Lavans les St Claude

Well it has been a pretty full on day today. A nice goodbye from the wives and kids followed by a cruise down the valley and boat ride across lake Geneva to start things off, but that is certainly where the easy going stopped!! Having started climbing up the Jura we were met by a big road block and told that the road was shut for 8km and that we had to take a detour to get back on track. Detour turned out to be about 15km but being in the mountains it added a good bit of time and energy onto the legs!! We always knew we were going to be up against it with the afternoon storms at the moment and with the clouds building we had to miss out on a lunch stop and push on through!! After an amazing couple of hours of riding across the Jura we had a big descent down the mountain where we were going to stop for an hour in St Claude before doing the final 10km up to where we were stopping for the night. We nearly made it all the way down the mountain but with 1km to go all hell broke loose above us and within 10 seconds we were completely drenched and had to take cover – gutted, and very wet, cold and hungry!! We sat it our for a bit but then made the call to just jump back on the bikes and go find a cafe and hot drink where we could rest up proper – needless to say we turned up pretty wet!! After a well earned cuppa and the skies clearing we jumped back on the bikes for the final climb up to Lavans les St Claude but with just 2km to go we came across another road block – with the end just round the corner there was a potential sense of humor failure on the horizon, but the reality is that we just had to get on with it. Unfortunately for us that meant descending and then coming up a back route which was about a 13% gradient all the way to the top – a brutal end to the day but met by a lovely landlady who’s cooking dinner for us and washing all our kit……..a true gem!! If you happen to be in the area then it’s a great place to rest your head:

Ok, time to rest up and get ready for another big day tomorrow all the way to Beaune – here are some pics from today:










The route has been planned: Morzine – Reigate

So our route across France has mostly been planned and we are gearing ourselves up for an 8.30 leave from the Morzine Marie tomorrow Wednesday 10th!! Chris Lavender and myself shall be sporting some great Lycra and averaging about 130km every day – all for the reason of just going for a great adventure

Our Route Up France

Our Route Up France







Route so far:

Wed 10th: Morzine – Lavans les St Claude

Thurs 11th: Lavans les St Claude – Beaune

Fri 12th: Beaune – St Agnan (Morven National Park)

Sat 13th: St Agnan – Joigny

Sun 14th: Joigny – Pithiviers

Mon 15th: Pithiviers – Marcilly sur Eure

Tue 16th: not sure yet – might go for the long ride to Dieppe or stay halfway

Wed 17th: Either to Dieppe or Reigate Uk

Thurs 18th: Newhaven – Reigate or long day of beer and rest – both of which will be very much required in any case!!

We’ll be sending updates along the way and no doubt showing off some pretty ridiculous tan lines!!

Our Route Up France

Our Route Up France